10th Anniversary Picnic and Launch – Tomorrow 10/20!

Tomorrow is our big 10th Anniversary picnic at the farm! It kicks off tomorrow at 11am, rain or shine, down by the greenhouses. We have a great space set up inside thanks to our wonderful hosts at the farm. We’ll have the grill going cooking up foods. If you are coming out and want to bring a side dish or other treat, we’ll have plenty appreciative people eager to consume it.

As for also flying tomorrow, we are optimistic. Should any of the possible overnight and early morning showers materialize, it shouldn’t matter much. We have indoor options for our picnic, and as clearing comes by midday, we can get some rockets in the air too!

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the club and enabled it to thrive these 10 years. Here’s to an exciting next 10 years. Come on out and celebrate with us tomorrow!

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Saturday October 13th launch starting at 11 AM!

Note: Our Saturday October 13th launch will be starting later than usual, at 11 AM. There is a slight chance of early morning showers, so we’ve decided to delay our start in an effort to avoid them. If you know someone who might be coming out tomorrow who might not see this message, please pass the word along to them about our delayed start tomorrow at 11 AM.

We may even get to see a little sun by afternoon. It will be noticeably cooler tomorrow though with highs eventually in the upper 50s, so please dress accordingly.

Parking: Since we may have showers overnight and before launch time, the field may be too soft for normal parking. Please plan on parking along the road unless directed otherwise. Park in a fashion so as not to block any traffic which needs to get in and out of the farm. Thanks!

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Next Launch Saturday October 13th!

Weather permitting, our big October of fun kicks off this Saturday October 13th, with our monthly launch. The range will be open to low, mid, and high power fliers with our waiver in effect. The fun kicks off at 9 am and runs as late as 4 pm. Be sure to check back the night before the launch for the final GO/NO-GO based on the latest weather outlook.

Then on Saturday October 20th we’ll be back at the farm to celebrate our club’s 10th anniversary! We’ll be grilling up some foods, sharing sides and treats you all bring too, and enjoying good rocketry family fun! See our recent Facebook posts for more details.

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GO for Launch! Saturday September 8th!

Cloudy and cooler with a slight chance of a passing shower tomorrow, but we’re going to make the most of it. We are GO for our Saturday September 8th launch!  The fun kicks off at 9 am. We’re usually out there until around 4 pm but if showers do move in for awhile we could wrap up earlier. Moral of the story: Fly early.. Fly often.

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GO for Saturday August 25th launch!!

We are GO for our Saturday August 25th launch! Beautiful weather and finally a weekend with no Presidential TFR means it should be a great day for flying!

With late summer vacations and other things on people’s schedules, we’ll be a little short staffed tomorrow. If you can spare a little of your launch day to help with setup, tear down, or pushing the button to launch some rockets, it will help things run a bit more smoothly. Thanks! :)

We’ll be setting up at 9 am and should be out on the range as late as 4 pm, or until everyone is done flying.

The current weather outlook is fantastic. We hope you can make it out to the farm for some rocket fun!

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Another TFR delay…

The President will again be in NJ the weekend of August 18th.   As a result our launch must again be postponed.    We will now target Saturday August 25th as a launch date.     Hopefully we’ll catch a break.  Stay tuned!

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August 11th launch postponed due to TFR!

Our next launch which was scheduled for this Saturday, August 11th has unfortunately been postponed due to a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) in effect impacting our airspace while the President is in Bedminster. TFRs such as this shutdown the airspace to activities, including rocketry, for a 30 mile perimeter around Bedminster, NJ. We are unfortunately within that radius.

The current TFR is in effect through Monday August 13th. Therefore we have now moved our launch date to Saturday August 18, 2018. Fingers crossed that nothing interferes with that date.

Longer term we are exploring what avenues we have to get clearance to conduct our launches even when a TFR is in effect. Can’t promise anything, but given that we are a good distance from Bedminster, its at least worth a shot.

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GO for Saturday July 14th launch!

We are GO for our Saturday July 14th launch! The fun kicks off at 9 am and runs as late as 4 pm. It looks to be a great day for flying. Hope to see you there! Newcomers and spectators always welcome. :)

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Next launch Saturday July 14th!

We hope everyone had a great 4th! We are looking forward now to our next launch on Saturday July 14th. A perfect opportunity to exercise your freedoms and fly some rockets. We’ll post a final GO/NO-GO for this launch by the evening before.

This time of year there are some weekends where the President comes to NJ. When that occurs, flight restrictions in the region prevent us from launching as planned. If we get early word of any conflict with our planned launch date, we’ll post that info as soon as we know. We’ll certainly reschedule if this occurs. :)

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GO for Saturday June 9th Launch and Contest!

With a favorable weather outlook we are GO for our Saturday June 9th launch and Art of Model Rocketry Contest.   The range will be open to low, mid, high power, and contest fliers with our high power waiver in effect.    The fun kicks off at 9am and runs as late as 4pm.   Hope to see you there for what promises to be a great day of flying!  Spectators and newcomers always welcome!

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