GO for 4/18 launch and contest!

We are GO for our Saturday April 18th launch! The “In Like a Lion…” NAR contest is also a GO!

We are expecting temperatures topping out in the mid 70s tomorrow with lots of sunshine. Breezes are forecast to increase as we move into afternoon, so the only advice would be if you have a project you plan to fly high, try to get the flight in earlier in the day.

The fun begins at 9 am and runs til roughly 4 pm. We hope to see you tomorrow for what should be a spectacular day of Spring flying!

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Next Launch – Saturday April 18, 2015!

Make note of the special date of our next launch.   Our April launch will be held one week later than normal on Saturday April 18th due to a conflict with Red Glare.

Come on out and get your Spring flying in gear!     The range will be open to low, mid and high power fliers with out 5000 foot FAA waiver in effect.      We’ll also be hosting the “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Rocket Meet” contest finally on that date!

Tons of rocket fun!   Hope to see you there!

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3/29 Launch Success!

After being grounded since early January due to the harsh winter we had, we finally returned to the skies today.    The weather, though cool, cooperated with crystal clear skies and reasonable breezes.   We took full advantage, dusting off our rockets and getting them into the air.   Thanks to all who came out today to help us get back in the groove!

Our next scheduled launch is Saturday April 18, 2015.    Note, this is one week later than usual to avoid a conflict with Red Glare.   The “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Rocket Meet” contest will also be held on the 18th.


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Day of Service – Thank You!

A sincere thank you to the hard working contingent of club members who came out today to help out at the farm.    Each of you made a positive impact in helping the farm speed along its preparation for the growing season ahead.     You did a fantastic job!

We realize that with the recent need to re-schedule this activity a few times, it made it increasingly challenging for any of you to clear time again on your calendars for today.   In spite of that we were quite impressed with the turn out.   A special thank you to those who were able to attend!

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Weekend Line-up for 3/28 and 3/29

Though weather conspired to cancel the last two attempts to hold a Day of Service to help our friends at the farm, there is still plenty of work they could use a hand with. We’ll be heading out there this Saturday March 28th to help them catch up on planting projects, in the greenhouses, which have been delayed by the rough winter we all endured.

If you can spare a few hours, please stop by. We’ll be there all day. Your contribution of a little of your time will help sow the seeds for a successful season for the farm. They give us so much in providing us an awesome place to fly. Its always great to give back. Thanks!

For those hungry to launch, we are targeting Sunday March 29th for a launch.   Everything looks favorable so far.   We’ll post a final launch status update Saturday evening.

The contest which was scheduled for March has been postponed until Saturday April 18th.

We hope to see you on Saturday to help the farm gets its season going, and then on Sunday to get ours in gear too!  :)

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Day of Service and Launch Postponed

Consulting with our landowner, our planned activities for this weekend have both been postponed due to the thick layer of snow which has fallen today.

The fine people at the farm are behind on seasonal preps due to the harsh weather we have endured this year.   They could still use our help.   So though our Day of Service is cancelled for March 21st, we do hope some of you if you have a few hours to spare can come on our the following Saturday and help the farm catch up.   We appreciate any help you can provide!

We will be evaluating a new date for our next launch opportunity over the next few days.   We are chomping at the bit to fly after this long winter which has kept us all grounded.   We will be looking to get out there at the earliest practical opportunity, so please stay tuned!

Our club is committed to maximizing flying opportunities this season.  In addition to regularly scheduled monthly launches, we’ll have a generous number of bonus launch dates added to the schedule to make the most of the prime flying season once it arrives.   Thank you for your patience, understanding and support in the interim.

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Snow = Changed Plans

We have received word from our landowner that due to poor conditions at the farm resulting from today’s snowstorm, the Day of Service scheduled for Saturday March 21st has been canceled. We are still evaluating the status of Sunday’s scheduled launch, but it may also need to be postponed. Please stay tuned for updates. We apologize for the impact of these changes on your plans, but do appreciate your understanding and support.

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Two Events This Weekend – 3/21 and 3/22

On Saturday March 21st we will be holding a Day of Service at the farm, Come on out and help us help our gracious landowner. We’ll pair you up with a task you can easily handle.  We’ll be there all day.

We do have a launch scheduled for Sunday March 22nd. Though there is a bit of snow in the forecast for Friday, we are optimistic that we will be able to fly Sunday. We’ll have eyes on the field while at the farm for the Day of Service Saturday. We’ll post a final update on launch status by Saturday evening.

Our home vendor Heavenly Hobbies is unable to attend the launch Sunday. However, if you need some supplies, please pre-order via http://www.heavenlyhobbies.com Jose will be dropping off orders on Saturday at the Day of Service. If you can’t attend that day, we can hold your order for you until Sunday.

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March 14th Launch Postponed

Our launch scheduled for Saturday March 14th has been postponed due to heavy rains forecast for tomorrow. We are currently targetting Sunday March 22nd as our rain date to allow the field conditions a chance to improve. The scheduled contest is also postponed until March 22nd.

Reminder our re-scheduled Day of Service is next Saturday March 21st. Please come out and help us help our landowner. Thanks!

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Day of Service Postponed until March 21st!

Due to recent snows delaying seasonal preps at the farm, our Day of Service has been re-scheduled for March 21st.    We apologize for any inconvenience this change of date may cause.  We do hope you will be able to come out instead on the 21st when our efforts will have maximum beneficial impact for the farm!  Thank you for your flexibility and support of the farm!

In launch news, despite the thick blanket of snow on the ground, we are targeting next Saturday March 14, 2015 for a possible launch.   We will make some final safety assessments over the course of the next week, but we are eager to fly if there is anyway possible to do so safely.   It may end up being a bring your boots and a shovel kind of launch.  Stay tuned!

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