An Awesome Weekend of Outreach!

Model rocketry is a hobby many might be familiar with, but if interested, are unsure how to get started.   In our hobby it is important to pay it forward and share what we know and do with others.

On Saturday July 19th we gathered at North Branch Park in Bridgewater to help the local Scout council build and launch rockets.  We aren’t just talking about a dozen boys, but over 80 scouts and acquaintances!   All together we estimate over 200 model rocket flights.   Thanks to near windless conditions for most of the day, most every rocket made it back, and ALL had an awesome time!   While we Radical Rocketeers might be an enthusiastic bunch, nothing could top the enthusiasm of our young fliers.   Thanks to all who made the event possible and to all who participated!

On Sunday July 20th a contingent of Radical Rocketeers continued the tradition of conducting an exhibition model rocket launch on the closing day of the Morris County 4H Fair.   Pleasant conditions brought out a nice sized crowd of spectators.    The many launches of rockets of all shapes and sizes were received by cheers.   Thanks to our young volunteers who formed our “recovery team” and performed the very important, yet fun, task of bringing the rockets back in from where they landed.

Both events were a blast!    Thanks to all who helped out and to our eager participants.    We hope to see you all at an upcoming Radical Rocketeers launch!

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July 12th Launch Report

We were graced with a mostly windless day with abundant sunshine for our July 12th launch.    A decent number of rocketeers came out to make the most of the great flying conditions.    Our flights ranged from A impulse on the low power pads, right up through a couple of I motors on the active high power range.

A special congratulations to Charlie Kirlew who stopped by, and with great mastery, easily attained his NAR Level 1 High Power Certification on a picture perfect flight.    Welcome to High Power Rocketry, Charlie!

We had several new faces along the flight line.   If you were one of those new faces, either a rocketeer or spectator, we do hope you had a great time and will return again at an upcoming launch,

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GO for Launch! Saturday July 12th!

With favorable conditions forecast, we are a GO for tomorrow’s launch! The launch is scheduled to run from 9am to 4pm. Our 5000 foot FAA waiver will be in effect for the day. Rocketeers and spectators welcome!

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Next Launch – Saturday July 12th!

Our next launch is scheduled for Saturday July 12, 2014 from 9 am to 4 pm.     The range will be open to low, mid and high power fliers, with our standard 5000 foot FAA waiver in effect.

Our home vendor, Heavenly Hobbies, is scheduled to attend this launch.    As always, pre-orders help ensure Jose has just what you need.   Check out his site at and select the “no shipping” option for free delivery to the launch.

We’ll post a GO/NO-GO status update for this launch, the evening before.

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June 14th Launch Recap

With the days getting progressively nicer this time of year, turnout for our June 14th launch was fantastic.   Temperatures never quite made it to 80 and a breeze kicked up from time to time, but that didn’t keep anyone for aiming high and having fun.     Recovery, no matter how distant at time, was just an easy trek across the large recovery area offered at our launch site.    All in all we logged over 80 flights!     Those numbers, combined with the great socializing and hospitality that is a normal part of a Radical Rocketeers launch, meant everyone had a full and fun day!

Special congratulations to Steve Marra on achieving success on his Level 2 high power certification attempt yesterday.    After acing the written test with a perfect 100% score, he carried that perfection into the execution of his certifcation flight.   His “Metallic Striker”, a beautifully detailed Wildman Darkstar, soared skyward on a J800.    The flight could not have been more picture perfect!     Recovery was just a short walk away.   Well done, Steve!

We had some really great young guests at our launch.    A contingent from Girl Scout Troop 823, Easton PA, had an awesome time flying their Alpha III’s multiple times.      We also welcomed the Xaverian High School Rocket Club from Brooklyn, NY.       We enjoyed the enthusiasm you all showed and hope you’ll join us again soon at an upcoming launch!

Our launches are dynamic, exciting, and fun for ALL ages!   We fly everything from the tiniest of rockets, right up through large high power rockets, some weighing as much as 30 pounds!     Whether you are new to the hobby, curious about rocketry, want to expose the kids or grandkids to a fun outdoor hobby, or already have a few notches in your rocketry belt, our club welcomes you at an upcoming launch.    Our membership consists of an ever growing base of rocketeers of all experience levels, eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the hobby!

Watch our website for upcoming launch dates.    Join us for a summer of rocketry fun!    Spectators are always welcome at our launches.

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GO for Launch: Saturday June 14th!

We are a GO for our launch tomorrow, June 14th!   The range will be open to low, mid and high power flights with our 5000 foot FAA waiver in effect.   Setup begins at 9.    Hope you can join us!

Today’s stormy skies will make way for mostly sunny skies tomorrow, lower humidity, temps around 80F and northwest breezes around 10 mph.

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Next Launch – Saturday June 14, 2014

Our next scheduled launch is coming up on Saturday June 14, 2014.    As the season heats up we’ll also be dropping in bonus launch dates.  Sometimes they appear with rather short notice, so stay tuned!     We’re as eager as you are to soak up some sun and fly some rockets!   ‘Tis the season, after all!

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Launch GO! Contest GO! May 10th

After careful analysis of the weather forecast and weather models, we are a GO for our Saturday May 10th launch!    Despite a risk of a passing shower or thundershower, we expect peeks of sunshine and  plenty of good flying weather.     Temperatures will be in the mild upper 70s to near 80.

The range will be open to low, mid and high power fliers, with our high power waiver in effect.    Our flight ceiling will be set based on current conditions, up to our max authorized altitude of 5000 feet.

The Flower Power Regional Meet is a GO.    Should the weather not pan out as well as expected, a decision can be made at the field among contestants to suspend the contest for continuation at a later date.

Let’s all think sunny thoughts, plan accordingly should a shower pop up, and make the most of what should be a great day all around!    The fun begins at 9am!

Parking Advisory:  This is a busy weekend at the farm.   If at all possible we need everyone to park on the sod field.   Under no circumstances can we have cars impeding traffic on the access road to the farm.    Our team will guide you to the best parking.    We appreciate your cooperation.

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Next Launch / Flower Power Regional NAR Meet – Saturday May 10, 2014

Our next launch is scheduled for Saturday May 10, 2014.    In addition to low, mid and high power sport flying, we will also be hosting the Flower Power Regional Meet.    If you’re a seasoned NAR competitor, or just looking to try something new in rocketry, NAR competitions provide the perfect opportunity to hone your skills and engage in a little friendly competition with your fellow rocketeer.   Here’s the event line-up for the Flower Power Regional Meet 2014:

- Streamer Spot Landing 4
- B Streamer Duration 9
- E Super Roc Alt (Altimeter) 18
- E Dual Eggloft Altitude (altimeter) 29
- C Boost Glider Duration 20
Total weighting factors: 80

More seasoned competitors will recognize these events by name.   But if you are new to this, simply having a rocket which can fly on a B motor and recover on a streamer, will get you in the game on the streamer spot landing and B streamer duration events.   The more competitors, the merrier, so don’t be shy to give it a try!  :)

Setup starts at 9am on Saturday and the launch and contest will run roughly to about 4pm.    For high power fliers, our 5000 foot FAA waiver will be in effect.   Our field and launch gear can handle most high power flights up through the Level 2 category / K motor level.

The famous Joe D Gastronomic Grill will be fired up serving up delicious hot dogs and hamburgers throughout the day.   Just bring your favorite non-alcoholic beverages to wash them down.   Other snacks will be available at the field.

We’ll post a launch status update by Friday evening.    Assuming there are no weather issues, we will be a GO for some nice Spring fun come the 10th.   We hope you’ll join us!  :)


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GO for Launch – Sunday April 27th!

Sunny and breezy conditions are forecast, so we are a GO for our April 27th bonus launch! The range will be open to low, mid and high power fliers with our 5000 foot waiver in effect. Setup begins at 9am and the launch runs ’til 4pm. Hope to see you there!

As the farm enters its busy season we must all be careful to not impede the flow of traffic on the access road. Please park on the field along the flight line, if at all possible. Thanks!

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