Next Launch and Contest – Saturday November 12, 2016!

Our next launch is scheduled for Saturday November 12, 2016.   The range will be open to low, mid, and high power fliers with our 5000 foot FAA waiver in effect.   The fun kicks off at 9 am and runs as late as 4 pm.

At this launch we will also be hosting the Turkey Flight 2016 NAR Open Meet.   For those interested in participating in the contest, the events are:

A Boost Glider 18
Open Spot Landing 4
C Altitude Altimeter 12
A Streamer Dur 8
A Flexwing Glider 18

Hope to see you there for some fun autumn flying on the farm!    We’ll post a final GO/NO-GO for the launch and contest by Friday evening based on the latest weather outlook.


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