GO for Saturday 1/20 Launch! Please read!

Important notes for tomorrow’s (1/20) launch at the farm:

1. At last report there is still as much as a few inches of diminishing snow cover on the field. As a result, there will be no parking on the field. Please park along the road in a manner to not block any traffic which needs to get by. We’ll be adjusting the pads in a little closer to keep the trek out to the pads manageable.

 2. Since there is still snow on the ground, please plan your footwear accordingly. We are only able to take this opportunity to fly tomorrow if everyone is able to do so in a reasonable and safe fashion. Likewise, plan your flights accordingly as long recoveries will be a bit more challenging to get to tomorrow.

3. Depending on turn out and conditions, it is conceivable that we could wrap up earlier than the usual 4 pm. If you do have something you want to fly, you are encouraged to come out by midday to ensure you don’t miss out.

4. If you have an extra snow shovel, toss it in your car. This way if we need to clear any paths or areas we’ll have a little extra manpower.

Its been a challenging winter so far, but we hope to take good advantage of the milder and dry weather tomorrow to finally get some flight time in. The conditions may be less than optimal, but it may be the best we get for awhile given the way this winter has been unfolding.

 We are GO for launch tomorrow. The launch kicks off at 9 am. We hope to see you there! We do appreciate your cooperation and understanding in making the most of these winter flying conditions.

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