GO for Saturday March 17th launch!

We are GO for Saturday March 17th. Conditions will be less than optimal, but we do hope to get some flying in, especially for our TARC teams. Please read the important notes below regarding tomorrow’s launch..

  1. The last we checked, the field is covered in at least a couple of inches of snow. This will make recoveries a bit more challenging, so please plan accordingly.
  2. Since the field is snow covered there will again be NO parking on the field. Please park along the access road in a way so as to not block vehicles from passing. It is very important that the road not be blocked.
  3. We will be setting up at the usual 9 am tomorrow, and will fly as long as people have rockets to fly. Our priority tomorrow is on our TARC teams, but the field will be open to everyone. Arriving earlier in the day than later is recommended.

We would have hoped that by now Spring would have sprung and flying conditions would be more optimal, but Mother Nature has had other thoughts. If you do come out, please remember to be careful given the ground conditions. We are only able to hold launches this time of year if we can do so safely.

Now go prep a rocket and we’ll make the most of the late winter skies! :)

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March 10th Launch Postponed

Recent storms have left the field covered in a thick blanket of snow resulting in conditions unsuitable for a launch tomorrow March 10th. This time of year a lot can improve in a weeks time, so we’ll monitor conditions and tentatively reschedule for Saturday March 17th. We’ll post an update as the week progresses and a final GO/NO-GO next Friday.

We are aware that the TARC calendar is running out, so we will be reaching out to our regular TARC teams to make backup plans with you just in case weather further delays our regular launch schedule. We want to be sure you have opportunities to practice and qualify. If you have any questions reach out to us via the info@ club email address.

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GO for Launch – Saturday February 10, 2018!

We are GO for our Saturday February 10, 2018 launch!   Please read the following important notes for tomorrow if you plan to attend:

  1.  Since the field still has some snow and ice, and there will be a bit of a melt tomorrow, there will be no parking on the field.   Please park along the road in a manner where you don’t block any farm vehicles which might need to get by.

  2. As we did last month, we’ll be moving the pads in a bit to keep the trek out to them from the road manageable.

  3. Temperatures are forecast to warm into the mid 40s tomorrow, so there will be a bit of melting.   Please plan your footwear accordingly, also keeping in mind that things good be a bit slippery if you need to go for a long recovery.

  4. We don’t know how high the ceiling will ultimately be tomorrow.   Since there will be clouds, and we may even start off with fog, please keep your flight plans flexible.

  5. Since it is winter and there is a rain threat increasing as we move later into the afternoon, we could wrap up a bit earlier than the usual 4 pm.   If you have something to fly, arriving no later than midday would be smart.    The launch will kick off at the usual 9 am.

We are only willing to be out flying in the winter if we can do so safely.   We appreciate your continued cooperation in keeping things so.

One last note.  If you are coming out to attempt a high power certification tomorrow, please remember to bring your NAR High Power Certification application form and a current NAR membership card.   Without these we won’t be able to help you.

Weather for tomorrow is a light south to southwest breeze and mostly cloudy skies.  Temperatures starting in the mid 30s at 9 am and peaking into the mid 40s.    It should be a nice day for some mid winter flying.   We hope to see you there! :)

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Next launch Saturday February 10, 2018!

Our next launch is scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 10, 2018. The range will be open to low, mid, and high power fliers.

Fingers crossed for favorable weather. Be sure to check back Friday evening for a final GO/NO-GO announcement for this launch.

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GO for Saturday 1/20 Launch! Please read!

Important notes for tomorrow’s (1/20) launch at the farm:

1. At last report there is still as much as a few inches of diminishing snow cover on the field. As a result, there will be no parking on the field. Please park along the road in a manner to not block any traffic which needs to get by. We’ll be adjusting the pads in a little closer to keep the trek out to the pads manageable.

 2. Since there is still snow on the ground, please plan your footwear accordingly. We are only able to take this opportunity to fly tomorrow if everyone is able to do so in a reasonable and safe fashion. Likewise, plan your flights accordingly as long recoveries will be a bit more challenging to get to tomorrow.

3. Depending on turn out and conditions, it is conceivable that we could wrap up earlier than the usual 4 pm. If you do have something you want to fly, you are encouraged to come out by midday to ensure you don’t miss out.

4. If you have an extra snow shovel, toss it in your car. This way if we need to clear any paths or areas we’ll have a little extra manpower.

Its been a challenging winter so far, but we hope to take good advantage of the milder and dry weather tomorrow to finally get some flight time in. The conditions may be less than optimal, but it may be the best we get for awhile given the way this winter has been unfolding.

 We are GO for launch tomorrow. The launch kicks off at 9 am. We hope to see you there! We do appreciate your cooperation and understanding in making the most of these winter flying conditions.

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January 13th launch postponed

The weather is just not cooperating for tomorrow. Today’s rains and snow melt have left the field way too soft, and a sharp cool down and winter weather advisory is likely to bring icing tomorrow. Long range has next weekend looking quite viable so we will now target Saturday January 20th for a launch. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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First launch of 2018 – Saturday January 13th!

Keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend with the hopes of getting in our first launch for 2018 on Saturday January 13th. Be sure to check back Friday for a final GO/NO-GO for this launch opportunity.

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December 23rd scrubbed due to rain.

Well weather has it out for us this December. Though a pleasant evening tonight, a rather damp and rainy day is forecast for Saturday. Sadly this doesn’t make for suitable flying conditions. Our December 23rd launch has been scrubbed. :(

With the holidays upon us, our next launch opportunity now won’t be until January. Hopefully that will provide some time for you to ready any of your new rocketry gifts for flight by then. We have received word back from the FAA that our high power waiver has been renewed for 2018. So now all we need are some suitable conditions, and a whole new year of rocketry fun will begin!

Thank you to all of you who have supported us throughout 2017. We look forward to seeing many old and new faces out at the farm in 2018. We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season! :)

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December 16th launch scrubbed. New date Saturday 12/23.

Conditions are unfavorable for supporting a launch tomorrow 12/16.   We will set our sights on one more launch opportunity, Saturday December 23rd.   Winter flying can be an uncertain proposition, but we’ll be out there when we can!
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Next launch Saturday December 16th!

We are currently targeting this Saturday, December 16, 2017, for our next launch.    After snows kept us grounded last weekend, we are hopeful weather will cooperate for this launch opportunity.   We will post a final GO/NO-GO for this launch by Friday evening, so please check back.

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